Data Information & Protection Policy

How does GRID LABS use my data?

Personal information is data that identifies an individual or relates to an identifiable individual. At GRID LABS, we collect personal information that is necessary to provide you with our services. That primarily includes data we collect because it is mandated by law — such as when we must comply with anti money laundering laws — or to verify your identity and protect you from potential fraudulent activity. We may also collect your
data to enable certain services, improve our products, and keep you notified of new developments (based on your preferences). We do not —and will not — sell your data to third parties without your consent.

GRID LABS Customer- GRID LABS only offers services to persons of legal age and only concludes contracts with them.
1.1 Persons interested in using GRID LABS systems must register with the relevant GRID LABS system by providing GRID LABS with valid and truthful information in accordance with the registration form. A person who has successfully completed the registration process (which is confirmed by GRID LABS) is called a “GRID LABS Customer” and “you”.
1.2 In order to use the trading options of a GRID LABS system, you as a GRID LABS customer must verify your account. Your trading limits depend on the respective verification level. The verification processes and requirements primarily depend on the current security requirements, especially AML considerations, and may change from time to time depending on the legal framework.
1.3 You will ensure that you keep your password details confidential, you will act only for yourself and you will open the account only for yourself. It is prohibited to act as an intermediary of any kind or trustee of any kind for any third party or to grant any form of access to your GRID LABS account to any third party. As a preventive security measure, crypshsark recommends that every GRID LABS customer use the two factor authentication identification (“2FA”) components.
1.4 Individuals who are U.S. citizens or located in the United States are not permitted to become GRID LABS customers for regulatory reasons. Depending on the respective local legal framework, GRID LABS may also exclude other countries from GRID LABS Services.
1.5 Upon password reset, GRID LABS will pause any payment and/or transfer of Tokens to you or from GRID LABS systems for a maximum period of 72 hours for security reasons. You confirm that you are aware of and accept this security measure.
1.6 You, as a GRID LABS customer, shall
1.6.1 ensure the timely execution of contracts and refrain from any activities that frustrate or jeopardize such timely execution.
1.6.2. immediately report any defects or other problems that you cause or notice and assist GRID LABS in correcting the problem.
1.6.3. promptly update any changes to your personal information (name, mailing address and email address) (i) by email through a GRID LABS system or (ii) by registered mail to GRID LABS. You understand and accept that GRID LABS will always use the most recent email address and mailing address provided by you and that any message delivered to such email or mailing address will be deemed to have been lawfully delivered.
1.6.4. ensure that the 2FA is available and in a usable condition at all times when you use 2FA. In case of loss of the 2FA, you must immediately notify GRID LABS of such loss and follow the instructions of the GRID LABS support team. You understand and accept that such instructions may be delayed, depending on the workload of the GRID LABS support team, and neither GRID LABS nor GRID LABS will have any liability for your claims due to such delay. If you do not follow the instructions of the GRID LABS support team and do not comply with the security rules and requirements, you will not be able to access the relevant site and/or your GRID LABS customer account again. In particular, you will not be able to use your relevant GRID LABS customer account and the tokens there in any way until you find/remember/restore your correct 2FA. You are aware of and accept this “No Recover Policy”, which is an important main component of a system dealing with cryptographic blockchain-based digital information entities.
1.7 GRID LABS requires certain information from you when you are in the process of becoming a GRID LABS customer. You understand and hereby accept that GRID LABS may, at its sole discretion, decide at what time you need to provide copies of passports (in notarized form, with or without apostille) and other documents required by law and/or as provided for in the Privacy Policy; in the case of a legal entity: copies of business registration statements or similar documents (in notarized form, with or without apostille) and other documents required by law and/or as provided for in the Privacy Policy.
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What type of data does GRID LABS collect?

We may collect the following types of information:

• Personal Identification Information: Full legal name, date of birth, age, nationality, gender, signature, utility bills, photographs, phone number, home address, and/or email.
• Formal Identification Information: Government issued identity document such as Passport, Driver’s License, National Identity Card, State ID Card, Tax, ID number, passport number, driver’s license details, national identity card details, visa information, and/or any other information deemed necessary to comply with our legal obligations under financial or anti-money laundering laws.
• Institutional Information: Employer Identification number (or comparable number issued by a government), proof of legal formation (e.g. Articles of Incorporation), personal identification information for all material beneficial owners.
• Financial Information: Bank account information, payment card primary account number (PAN), transaction history, trading data, and/or tax identification.
• Transaction Information: Information about the transactions you make on our Services, such as the name of the recipient, your name, the amount and/or timestamp.
• Employment Information: Office location, job title, and/or description of role.
• Correspondence: Survey responses, information provided to our support team or user research team.
• Online Identifiers: Geo location/tracking details, browser fingerprint, operating system, browser name and version, and/or personal IP addresses.
• Usage Data: Authentication data, security questions, click-stream data, public social networking posts, and other data collected via cookies and similar technologies. Please read our Cookie Policy for more information.

How do privacy regulations affect my data?

In response to major data breaches in recent years, comprehensive data privacyregulation is becoming increasingly prevalent worldwide. Laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) regulate the processing of personal data by service providers like GRID LABS, and grant our customers to make certain requests with respect to their data. These include requests to access, modify, or delete data held

How do I get access to my information?
You need to be logged in to your GRID LABS account via a web browser or the mobile app. This is to ensure the safety of your data and privacy. Once you’re logged in, follow these steps to access your information. If you are attempting to request copies of your data, you will need to submit these requests via Mail. We are unable to support these request types via our mobile app(s) at this time.

What if I’m unable to access my account or privacy settings page?
If you are unable to login to your account or cannot access the privacy settings page, please submit a request through our ten.sbal-dirg%40eciffo Mail.

How do I submit questions or concerns?
If you still have questions or concerns regarding how GRID LABS collects or uses your data, you may submit your request through our support mail ten.sbal-dirg%40eciffo